Monday, June 14, 2010

Fun at the Park

Summer is here...and in the beginning of spring Phil and I talked about how last summer seemed to slip away from us. We are not going to let that happen again!! So as soon as the weather turned nice we are out side and enjoying the time that we can. We have several parks in the area to choose from and also great toys at home as well. We will hopefully make the best out the nice weather that we get...thus updating my blog today on a not so nice day!!
Lawrence is full of life and has a ton of energy so what better way to burn some of that off!
LJ loves his daddy!!

my little monkey...she climbs everything in sight

Big Stuff!

Loving the merry-go-round Look at the size of that smile!! A great picture that I happened to snap while she went spinning by...
Big Brother giving Isabelle a spin
Daddy gets in on the fun too!!
Going down the slide!

Watching the wind turbines at Helder Park in Zeeland

Daddy pops in for the picture too!
Playing peek-a-boo with mommy

Just LOVES the merry-go-round

UGH..could she get any more cute ;)
Little precious fingers
We basically had to peel the poor boy off the thing...good thing its just the beginning of summer!!

Hopefully a TON more pictures of the out doors to come from the rest of summer and fall!!

Isabelle Turns 1!! ~5/25/2010~

This is LONG over due!! We have been VERY busy the last couple of weeks and it doesn't seem like it is going to quite anytime soon! But better late than never....These first set of pictures are the last of my "Mothers Day photo shoot" These are only some of the pictures we had to choose from for Isabelle's Birthday Invite :-) We had way too much fun!
Little Lady
Still no smiles...lets see if daddy can fix that!
YUP sure he can...he is daddy =)
Got the Bubble Machine out!! She LOVED it
Trying to eat the bubble...

Sorry just can't get enough of this little girl and her big smile!!

On May 22nd we celebrated Isabelle's first birthday...can't believe my baby is ONE already! The time is going way faster with the second baby I think :( Anyway we had a GREAT party with family and friends at the Royal Center. We are so thankful for the past year of blessings!! Here are some pictures from her Birthday party as well as the day of her Birthday!
The little stinker of course waited for 2 days after her birthday to start walking!! We knew she was close but she wasn't quite ready to show off her talents until after her birthday!

Big brother showing her how to work her new toy
Strolling little lady

My little diva!! She LOVES a good pair of sunglasses =)
LOVE the little "fan"
Birthday Buddy Rylee!!
Waiting for her cake!
Wasn't too sure at first...I really thought she was going to grab the entire piece and try stuff it all in her face...I think she was too tired.

Daddy spinning the kids in the chairs...they had a BLAST
Time to open presents!!

Birthday Girls...Aunt Kate and Isabelle share the same birthday!
Lawrence after leaving the party
Isabelle after leaving the party...I think they were pooped!! no one even made a peep when we took them into their bedrooms
Her Big DAY!! 5/25/2010
We went to the beach after daddy got home from work because it was SO nice out!

UGH and the burring in the sand begins...I REALLY DISLIKE sand
Free from the outrageous tutu!

YAY!! I'm ONE!! (loves to clap)